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Over the years, Tevis Law Firm, LLC has helped numerous Georgians obtain favorable results in complex legal matters. We have achieved positive outcomes in both criminal defense and personal injury cases, always maintaining a focus on providing client-focused service and results-driven representation.

    • Criminal Defense Reduced Charge
      Reduced Charge Reduced Charge

      Client was charged with Armed Robbery for arranging a meeting between her co-defendant and the victim in the case. The co-defendant used a taser on the victim and stole her purse and prescription pain pills. We were able to negotiate with the district attorney to reduce the armed robbery (minimum of 10-20 years) down to robbery (1-20). We demonstrated to the Judge that my client was doing extremely well recovering from a drug problem and would be better suited to house arrest where she can take care of her 6 week old baby and her other two children. She received 10 years probation with 2 years being on home confinement.

      State of Georgia vs. C.C.

    • Drug Crimes Won Motion to Suppress - Trafficking Marijuana
      Won Motion to Suppress - Trafficking Marijuana Won Motion to Suppress

      Client was charged with trafficking 18 pounds of marijuana and Attorney Brian Tevis successful argued that the search warrant that was issued to search his client's home should never have been issued by the magistrate because the detective's affidavit didn't contain sufficient evidence to get a search warrant. Now his client and his wife won't be charged with trafficking and are are no longer facing a mandatory minimum of 5 years in prison.

    • Personal Injury Recovered All Medical Costs
      Recovered All Medical Costs Recovered All Medical Costs

      Client injured in auto accident when the at-fault driver cut in front of client's vehicle at an intersection. Results: Recovered all of client's medical costs as well.

    • Criminal Defense Dismissed - Nolle Prosequi
      Dismissed - Nolle Prosequi Dismissed - Nolle Prosequi

      Client was charged with Felony Theft by Deception. State alleged that my client sold a stolen vehicle to a third party. Through VERY thorough investigation I was able to provide to the D.A. the names and numbers of 2 witnesses who saw my client purchase the vehicle. I also proved that the purchase was for fair market value, that he could not have known it was stolen, that the vehicle was not listed as stolen on the state record check (GCIC), and tracked the vehicle back to the 3 previous sellers of the vehicle.

      State of Georgia vs. D.M.

    • Violent Crimes Dismissal
      Dismissal Dismissal

      Client charged with family violence battery for striking her boyfriend. We negotiated a series of diversion classes and the case was dismissed

      State vs. M.K.

    • DUI 5 Charges Dismissed
      5 Charges Dismissed 5 Charges Dismissed

      Client was very intoxicated and drove his vehicle. He damaged a park car and eventually went off the road, breaking a fence, and ended up in a field. He was charged with 7 counts including DUI. We were able to get 5 of those counts dismissed and negotiate the minimum sentence allowed by law.

      State of Georgia vs. B.D.

    • Violent Crimes Armed Robbery in Carroll County
      Armed Robbery in Carroll County Not Guilty

      Client was a college student and he and a co-defendant were charged with robbing a convenience store. A 3 rd friend of theirs cracked under police interrogation and claimed that they admitted to having robbed a store. There was also surveillance video and the State argued that the gun was a unique color and matched one found in the glovebox of the co-defendant’s car they were all stopped in. We discredited the “friend” witness and demonstrated all of the evidence the police failed to collect or failed to follow up on that could’ve shown my client was innocent. The jury returned a not guilty verdict in 17 minutes.

    • Drug Crimes Probation
      Probation Probation

      Client's house was raided on a warrant. An ounce of marijuana was found. The State wanted 2 years in prison despite the small amount of marijuana and the fact that client is wheelchair bound. We filed motions and kept up negotiations with the State. Ultimately, we were able to secure him a plea deal for probation, community service, and a fine.

      State vs. T.W.

    • Drug Crimes Suspended Sentence & Misdemeanor
      Suspended Sentence & Misdemeanor Suspended Sentence & Misdemeanor

      Client caught up in a police raid where undercover drug buys had been made. He was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. We kept pressing the prosecutor for the GBI drug labs regarding the weight and were able to show that the police didn't separate out the amounts they collected. They couldn't prove the weight they were trying to pin on my client. Reduced to a misdemeanor and he got a suspended sentence.

      State vs. H.M.

    • Criminal Defense Dismissed Charges
      Dismissed Charges Dismissed Charges

      Client charged with theft by taking and criminal trespass. We negotiated a dismissal of the theft charge and then he had to complete 12 hours of community service.

      State vs. M.G.

    • Violent Crimes Murder in Fulton County Dismissed
      Murder in Fulton County Dismissed Murder in Fulton County Dismissed

      Client had 2 cases – 1) Murder, felony murder, aggravated assault (2x), possession of firearm during a felony, 2) Armed robbery, aggravated assault, possession of firearm during a felony

      We got the murder charges dismissed at the preliminary hearing in 2016, but the State indicted him for murder anyway. In addition to successfully arguing motions to prevent the State from bringing up facts from the 2nd case in the Murder trial, we also found 3 eye witnesses the State had overlooked, and did a thorough investigation of the scene.

      On the morning of trial, before we picked a jury, we negotiated a plea deal to a TOTAL sentence was 1 year to serve and 9 years of probation.

      In case 1) - The murder counts and aggravated assault counts were dismissed and the client pled to the firearm charge.

      In case 2) - The armed robbery and firearm charges were dismissed and the client pled to aggravated assault

      We also convinced the Judge to sentence both cases under the First Offender Act, so if he completes his probation he won’t even have a felony conviction on his record.

    • Violent Crimes Case Dismissed - Nolle Prosequi
      Case Dismissed - Nolle Prosequi Case Dismissed - Nolle Prosequi

      Client charged with False Imprisonment, interfering with a 911 call, and simple assault after an argument with his girlfriend.

      State vs. M.C.

    • Criminal Defense Reduced Charges
      Reduced Charges Reduced Charges

      Client and co-defendants were caught immediately after an armed robbery at a convenience store. One co-defendant confessed and implicated the others. The state would not come off of 10 years on Armed Robbery with no parole. We forced the case to a trial. After the opening arguments, we showed the State how they had used the wrong language in the indictment and would not be able to prove there was a firearm involved. The State reduced the case to Robbery which is a lesser offense and eligible for parole.

      State vs. C.J.

    • Criminal Defense Reduced Charges
      Reduced Charges Reduced Charges

      State of Georgia vs. B.M.

    • Violent Crimes Case Dismissed
      Case Dismissed Case Dismissed

      Domestic violence charges brought against husband and wife based on an altercation between the two.

      State of Georgia vs. A.H.

    • Criminal Defense All Charges Dismissed
      All Charges Dismissed All Charges Dismissed

      Clients were charged with extortion. Fought this case for over a year and through 3 different DAs. Case was finally dismissed before trial.

      State vs. J.B & State vs. D.B.

    • Criminal Defense Reduced to Disorderly Conduct
      Reduced to Disorderly Conduct Reduced to Disorderly Conduct

      Client charged with theft of someone's purse at the Georgia Dome. Client was found with souvenirs that had been purchased with the victim's debit card. We negotiated a reduced charge to disorderly and a fine and entered a plea with out the client even having to step foot in court.

      State vs. B.D.

    • Violent Crimes Murder in Forsyth County
      Murder in Forsyth County Case Dismissed

      Assisted an attorney on a 2 day immunity hearing (self-defense) in Forsyth County. Client was charged with murder after he and his brother were in a knife fight. We argued that he was legally justified in using lethal force because he was defending himself after his brother came into our client’s room with a knife and cut and stabbed him. The judge agreed and dismissed the case.

    • Drug Crimes Case Dismissed
      Case Dismissed Case Dismissed

      Client was charged with Manufacturing Marijuana after police found 3 plants in his home. Result: Pre-trial diversion, case dismissed and eligible.

      State vs. JN

    • DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving
      Reduced to Reckless Driving Reduced to Reckless Driving

      Client was caught avoiding a police roadblock when he turned the wrong way down a street. He was arrested for DUI and charged with several traffic offenses. We watched the police videos and showed the prosecutor how the police failed to properly conduct field sobriety tests so they couldn't prove DUI. The charge was reduced to Reckless Driving.

      State vs. A.N.

    • Criminal Defense Charges Dropped With Minimum Sentence
      Charges Dropped With Minimum Sentence Charges Dropped With Minimum Sentence

      Client was involved in a car accident where he struck another vehicle and then collided with the train tracks' crossing arm device. He consented to field sobriety tests and took a breath test which found him over the legal limit. We were able to negotiate the dismissal of the other traffic offenses and get him the minimum sentence under the law. Result: ?Minimum sentence and remaining charges dropped.

      State of Georgia vs. P.D.

    • Criminal Defense Case Dismissed
      Case Dismissed Case Dismissed

      Teenage client was charged with Felony Theft by Receiving for having pawned items that turned out to be stolen. We were able to show the District Attorney that my client did not know that the items were stolen, but was given the items by his friend who, unbeknownst to my client, had stolen them from his parents.

      State of Georgia vs. O.K.

    • Violent Crimes Murder Conviction Reversed
      Murder Conviction Reversed Murder Conviction Reversed

      Client was was first indicted back in 2006 by a grand jury for several felony charges.Upon a close examination of the case, several issues with the trial became clear. With these issues and several others weighing upon the outcome of the trial, Attorney Brian Tevis began constructing an argument to protect Mr. Johnson’s rights. Within the amended motion, both the insufficient evidence and the lack of proper jury instruction were cited. Ultimately, the reviewing judge agreed that the problems were significant enough to jeopardize the ability of the trial to reach a fair and just conclusion. The conviction was reversed and a new trial date should be set soon.

      State of Georgia vs. J. J.

    • Criminal Defense Charges Dismissed
      Charges Dismissed Charges Dismissed

      Police raided a home while there was a party to watch a basketball game. Several quantities of drugs were found in various rooms as well as some firearms. My client got roped up in the mess. After fighting for over a year the DA eventually agreed to dismiss the charges against my client.

      State vs. M.W.

    • Drug Crimes Dismissed
      Dismissed Dismissed

      Client was sitting in his car in a parking lot when police blocked him in and rushed my client and his passenger. They were both handcuffed and the car was searched. Drugs and a firearm were located under the seat. I filed motions to suppress since the police did not have a warrant for the search and clearly had no probable cause to believe a crime was being committed at the time they detained my client.

      Motion to Suppress - Granted.

      State vs. A.L

    • Drug Crimes Dismissed
      Dismissed Dismissed

      Police Search of client's home turned up drugs and guns. We successfully argued a motion to suppress based on the police officer saying he was going to get a warrant (which led to client's girlfriend "consenting" to a search) when he never actually applied for the warrant.

      State vs. C.K.

    • Sex Crimes Misdemeanor Probation Accepted to Resolve the Case
      Misdemeanor Probation Accepted to Resolve the Case Misdemeanor Probation

      Client charged with Child Molestation. We were able to show the district attorney that there was no evidence backing up child's claim, client had no prior history of such incidents, there were other witnesses around, and what the child described did not amount to what was charged.

      Result: Misdemeanor probation accepted to resolve the case

      State vs. T.B.

    • Criminal Defense Dismissed
      Dismissed Dismissed

      Client was charged in two different cases. He moved out of state for his job and missed the notice for his court date. He was arrested on a bench warrant and extradited to Georgia. He sat in jail for 6 months before someone referred him to Brian Tevis. Brian quickly obtained the necessary records from out of state to get his case going forward again and filed motions to suppress evidence and a demurrer. He then successfully negotiated a plea deal from what the DA wanted (5 years to serve 2 years in prison) down to a sentence commuted to time served and some probation with one of the charges to be dropped. The client took the new offer on the spot and was released from jail within 24 hours. Result: 1 charge dismissed & 1 significantly reduced.

      State of Georgia vs. R.C.

    • Criminal Defense Case Dismissed
      Case Dismissed Case Dismissed

      Client was arrested on criminal trespass charges for delivering chinese food flyers at an apartment complex. The security guard tried to say that client had been there multiple times, had been rattling door handles as if trying to get in, and has been asked to leave before. Client was offered a diversion program. We kept fighting it and got his case dismissed.

      State vs. K.L.

    • Violent Crimes Dismissed On All Counts
      Dismissed On All Counts Dismissed On All Counts

      Client was charged with 2 counts of Family Violence Battery and 2 counts of Cruelty to children for an altercation with his ex-girlfriend's two juvenile sons. We were able to convince the prosecutor through investigation that the juveniles attacked my client and he was merely defending himself.

      State of Georgia vs. W.H.

    • Criminal Defense Multiple Charges Dropped
      Multiple Charges Dropped Multiple Charges Dropped

      Client was arrested and charged with possession of drugs with intent to distribute when a large quantity of white powder, some marijuana, and more than $30,000 in cash was found while police executed a search warrant at a condo. Client was released on bond and then later charged with Aggravated Assault, false imprisonment, battery, and other charges in a domestic dispute. Client had unfortunately made over 30 hours of phone conversations fro the jail which were recorded. As such, the domestic case turned out not to be a good case for trial and my client wanted to work out a plea. I successfully negotiated that all the drug charges be dropped (because the legality of the search and links to my client were very questionable) and worked out a very reasonable sentence on the domestic case given my client's history and the facts of this case.

      State of Georgia vs. C.G.

    • Personal Injury Win On Appeal
      Win On Appeal Win On Appeal

      In a property dispute I represented the Plaintiff who was trying to evict a tenant. My client prevailed in court and the Defendant filed an appeal. On appeal, the tenant claimed there was an agreement where she could stay on the land for as long as she lived. At trial, I successfully impeached the defendant's key witness and showed that she had lied on a sworn affidavit and was, in fact, lying during trial . The Defendant still maintained there was an agreement, but on cross-examination i was able to get her to testify that even if she thought there was an agreement, it would have to have been made after the land had already been transferred. At the close of Defendant's evidence i moved for Summary Judgment. The Court agreed that no constructive trust was formed and ruled in favor of my client.

      A.R. vs. C.R.

    • Violent Crimes Charges Reduced
      Charges Reduced Charges Reduced

      Client charged with aggravated assault and cruelty to children after altercation with an ex girlfriend.

      State vs. E.B.

    • Criminal Defense Statements Suppressed
      Statements Suppressed Statements Suppressed

      The state was prosecuting my client for multiple felony counts including Kidnapping in a case being covered by the media. My client had no prior criminal history and was now facing 25 years to life and the state would not go below 10 years to serve in prison. My investigation showed that the police had violated her constitutional rights and illegally obtained statements from my client. We won our motion to suppress those statements at trial. With the State's case substantially weakened, they decided to offer her First Offender Probation on a lesser charge. My client was released from jail and now spends time playing with her grandchildren.

      State vs. T.C.

    • Violent Crimes Reduced to Misdemeanor
      Reduced to Misdemeanor Reduced to Misdemeanor

      Client was charged with Aggravated Battery for knocking out his girlfriend's front teeth during an altercation. Initial offer was for felony sentence and 5 years to serve in prison. We presented the prosecution with a self defense theory and exposed several weaknesses in their case. Ultimately, the prosecutor reduced the charges and offered a misdemeanor plea even though the victim came to court and opposed the reduction.

      State vs. J.F.