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The Atlanta violent crimes attorney at Tevis Law Firm, LLC is prepared to aggressively defend your rights. We understand that being accused of a violent crime can be stressful, challenging and even confusing. Being convicted of a crime of this nature can lead to serious and life-altering consequences. For this reason, our team provides the dedicated defense that is needed.

Over the years, we have represented more than a thousand clients. Our main priority is to ensure that our clients receive the best possible outcome. Whether you have been accused of your first crime or have been charged before, our legal team is equipped to handle your case. From attentive client care to intensive investigation, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to support your case.

Fighting Violent Crime Charges

Violent crimes carry some of the most severe sentences in Georgia. While some prosecutors or judges may be more lenient for certain offenses, almost all of them will seek harsh punishments for violent crimes. Everyone knows that Murder is the most serious offense and can result in life in prison or even death. But even Kidnapping and Armed Robbery have minimum punishments of 10 years in prison without parole. That means even if you have never been in any trouble or arrested before, if you are convicted of an Armed Robbery or Kidnapping you will have to serve at least every single day of the next 10 years in prison.

One of the first steps to take after you have been charged with a violent crime is to seek legal counsel. We encourage you to retain legal representation prior to sharing any information with police, investigators, or family. Once you have representation, it is crucial that you provide any details you can remember to your lawyer, including any names of witnesses present, physical evidence, and more. Because these serious crimes may take months or years to get to a trial, it is critical to locate and preserve any favorable evidence before it disappears. For example, many video surveillance systems will record over the footage after a few weeks or a month, so if it is not located and preserved early on that evidence could disappear forever. Also, any witnesses to the event may not remember key details months or years later when they are called to testify. Finding those witnesses and recording their statements when the events are fresh on their minds could be the difference between freedom and incarceration. Our team may be able to use these types of evidence and information to build a strong defense on your behalf.

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Let our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys work to have your charges dismissed, dropped, or reduced. No matter what your legal situation is, we are ready to put our years of courtroom experience to work for your case. Let us protect your personal rights, your freedom, and your future by providing dedicated counsel.

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