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Many are surprised to learn that they can be charged with aggravated assault without even making physical contact with the alleged victim. Oftentimes, people are arrested on such charges due to a misunderstanding or false charges. If you have been arrested for aggravated assault, you need tough legal representation from a seasoned Atlanta criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights.

Tevis Law Firm, LLC offers the personal attention and tailored legal solutions that have proven to be most effective when facing serious criminal charges. Our firm is dedicated to obtaining favorable results for our clients and we have been so successful in doing so that we have been rated Superb by Avvo® and AV® Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell®, among other awards.

How Do Aggravated Assault Charges Work?

You could face aggravated assault charges if you threaten or attempt to inflict harm on another person with a deadly weapon or vehicle. Aggravated assault is also any assault associated with intending to commit robbery, rape, or murder.

A conviction can carry anywhere between 1 and 20 years depending on factors such as:

  • Your prior convictions and criminal history
  • The alleged assault was committed against a police or correctional officer while on duty
  • If the assault took place in a public transit vehicle or station
  • If the assault involved the illegal firing of a gun from a vehicle (such as a drive-by)
  • The age of the victim
  • If the assault takes place while committing theft of a commercial transportation vehicle
  • If the assault was against a family member

Variables such as these can increase your prison sentence up to the maximum of 20 years. You need to speak with our Atlanta criminal defense lawyers to quickly build a defense against your charges.

Can I Fight My Charges?

You are not defenseless when charged with a crime such as aggravated assault. A common justification is self-defense—if you were acting in a violent manner to protect yourself or another person out of a fear of your safety, the prosecution may not be able to charge you with assault.

Tevis Law Firm, LLC can work hard to undermine the prosecution’s case against you. We will put our experience to work for you as we fight to have your charges dropped or reduced!

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