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The criminal justice system is structured to impose penalties based on the severity of the alleged crime. The greatest of these crimes have been classified as felony level charges. While some are exclusive to this category by nature, others can originate as misdemeanors but be moved to the level of a felony because of certain aggravating factors, such as if a deadly weapon was involved, if individuals were harmed, the financial impact of damages, the amount of stolen property, and other issues.

At Tevis Law Firm, LLC, our Atlanta felony defense attorney has extensive experience defending clients facing even the most complex felony charges in Atlanta.

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Our firm has a well-earned reputation for aggressive representation in pursuit of the results that will protect our clients' futures and freedom. Felony cases are complex and defending them takes an advocate who is skilled in their practice and knowledgeable in the law.

Cases Tevis Law Firm, LLC has successfully handled in the past include allegations of:

In Georgia, the lowest level felony conviction can still come with a hefty prison sentence and large fines. Unlike other states, Georgia does not have a class system for crimes. Instead, the laws designate which crimes are felonies and the court determines punishment by each particular case.

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Although there is no set formula for felony punishments, they will always be heavier than a misdemeanor offense. Our felony defense law firm has helped more than a thousand individuals find success against criminal charges in Atlanta—let us do the same for you.

At Tevis Law Firm, LLC we work hard to relieve you of the charges but if that is not possible, our goal will be to reduce your charges to a more manageable level. Our legal team works relentlessly to investigate every clue, review all evidence and witness testimonies to obtain an outcome in your favor.

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