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  • Hands down the best lawyer in Georgia
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    “First and foremost, I have to say that I honestly do not know what I would have done had I not had Brian as my attorney. It was the first time I had ever faced any sort of legal trouble and I was calling every lawyer in Atlanta I could find on Google, but being that it was so late in the evening, none of the lawyers I contacted ever returned my call that night, except for Brian. After informing him of the situation that I was facing he immediately explained, based on his extensive experience, what the limitations of the law were and completely put my mind at ease. He answered every question that I could possibly throw at him while constantly reinforcing that the situation would be OK. At all my hearings Brian walked me through the legal process step by step. The judge's respect for Brian was very apparent, and it was with this respect that Brian was able to gain consensus with the judge to help sway the ADA to rule in my favor. Thanks to Brian I was able to keep my record clean so that I can now move forward from that mistake in my life. His legal experience and knowledge is second to none and I honestly would trust him over any attorney in Georgia. His professionalism and demeanor in the courtroom is what separates him for all of the other average attorneys in Atlanta. I highly recommend Brian to anyone who needs legal representation.”

  • Great Criminal Defense Attorney !!
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    “Brian Tevis is a great criminal defense attorney. He kept my husband informed every step of the way and was upfront with what to expect and would be facing. He was able to get a very serious charge thrown out and no jail time for the other. Brian is very trustworthy and the best lawyer anyone can have. I highly recommend him.”

  • I'm sooo happy that i hired Brian Tevis cause he's the "BEST" and we as a family thank you so much.
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    “My son had a arm robbery charge pending on him since 2014 and i hired Brian Tevis and he worked on my son case the hold time up until the day of the trial September 27,2016 and Brian Tevis did such an amazing job on my son case the jury's took only 20min for a verdict and it was "NOT GUILTY" as a mother i felt amazing knowing that my son was coming home with me and that my attorney Brian Tevis prove that my son didn't do this and with Brian Tevis hard work and dedication my son didn't have to serve 10yrs of his life in prison and i myself as a mother recommend Brian Tevis as your attorney cause he listen and show dedication and is a very hard worker when it comes down to his cases he takes it very serious and that's why I'm sooo happy that i hired Brian Tevis cause he's the "BEST" and we as a family thank you so much. ”

    Melony B.

  • Last Minute Life Saver!!
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    “Mr. Tevis is literally a true life saver! I was arrested on a felony charge and was represented by a different attorney. The charge was ridiculous and yet the DA wanted me to serve one year in prison and four years on felony probation! My original attorney did nothing but insist I accept a guilty plea. I refused I could not accept a felony under any circumstance because it would ruin my future and prevent me from achieving my goal of teaching underprivileged children in Atl. Less than 15 hours before I was set to go to court and either accept a guilty plea or be prepared to take the case to trial I referred to Mr.Tevis. He immediately contacted me and I explained my situation. He was extremely professional over the phone and after a brief conversation I decided to hire him. I met him outside the courtroom minutes before court was set to begin. I could immediately tell he is highly respected in Fulton County. He sat with me and my family and explained all of my options. He broke it down in real english not legal jargon attorneys use. After going back and forth with the DA...Mr. Tevis was able to get my felony criminal damage of property in 2nd degree charge dropped down to misdemeanor disorderly conduct!!! Which, for someone who has quite an extensive criminal history in Fulton County is HUGE bc the DA was adamant about making an example out of me despite the fact that I've completely changed my life around! Because of Mr. Tevis's experience and willingness to fight for me....I am now able to say I have NEVER been convicted of a felony and more importantly I can achieve my dreams!!! I would highly recommend Mr. Tevis and wish I would have met him years ago! For an attorney to respond to someone's call only hours before trial was set to begin is amazing.....and on top of that to have him get my charge reduced to a mere disorderly conduct charge is almost unheard of! THANK YOU MR. TEVIS!!!!!!!!”


  • Trust me - If I ever get in trouble, I would want Brian Tevis to represent me!
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    “When my son was arrested on a drug charge in Douglas County, I was so scared I didn't know what to do. I always heard that Douglas County was a very hard county to win a case in. I called a lawyer that I knew and asked her if she would be able to take my son's case. She said that she no longer practiced law, but she could refer me to someone. I was skeptical at first, but she assured me. She said, "Trust me, if I ever get in trouble, this is the man I would want to represent me." She told me that his name was Brian Tevis. I called Mr. Tevis, said the whole situation, and he agreed to take the case. He was very professional, always available and always kept us up to date on what was going on with the court. After months of going back and forth with Douglas County and about a week before the trial date, I get a text message from Mr. Tevis that said the case against your son had been dismissed. DISMISSED! Trust me, if I ever get in trouble, this is the man I would want to represent me.”


  • Outstanding Attorney Who Gets Results!
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    “I retained Mr. Tevis in a case with multiple felony charges, which he skillfully got reduced to misdemeanors. He was referred to me by a former client which speaks volumes about his work ethic & talent as an attorney. I would advise anyone in need of legal representation to call Atlanta's best defense attorney, Brian Tevis. He gets results & is always available when you call or text a question, so I appreciated the professionalism & responsiveness he showed during my case. He did a great job for me & he'll do a great job for you.”


  • He's smart, tenacious, and esteemed within the system.
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    “Over the years, I have needed legal representation on numerous occasions for both business and personal matters. I had become accustomed to paying a sizable retainer fee for the privilege of being mostly ignored or put off after that. I had come to accept that higher quality legal representation was out of my price range. When my 17-year-old son was charged with some very, very serious weapon related felonies, choosing an attorney for him was one of the most important choices I would ever make. Thankfully, Mr. Tevis was referred to me by a good friend who also practices law. What we received from Tevis Law Firm, from start to finish, was superb professionalism and results that far exceeded expectation. Trust me; Brian is the guy you want on your team; in your corner when it matters most. He's smart, tenacious, and esteemed within the system. I owe him much, much, more than he was compensated.”

    Richard W.

  • Very pleased with the results!
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    “I was charged with a second battery charge, and Mr. Tevis was able to get a lesser charge of simple battery. Very pleased with the results! Excellent attorney and very informative through the entire process. He answered my call or got right back to me each time I called with questions. Highly recommended!”


  • Very Knowledgeable, Trustworthy and Fights To The End!
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    “Hands down - Mr. Tevis is one of the best goes to lawyers since Johnny Cochran. Very knowledgeable, trustworthy, keeps you informed and fights to the end. Very reasonable price wise. He is worth every penny. I was facing three years for three felonies and a misdemeanor. Mr. Tevis with his incredible lawyer skills filed a motion to suppress because the officers did not follow proper procedure. My case was dismissed via email. Nolle Prosequi. So if you need help in a case, he should be the first person you contact.”

    C. Kelly

  • His attitude was consistently to walk the extra mile for the client while presenting a balanced and fair perspective on the case.
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    “Brian provided me legal support with a child support adjustment case. He was great to work with, always very responsive, engaged and available. His attitude was consistently to walk the extra mile for the client while presenting a balanced and fair perspective on the case. Highly recommended.”

    Former Client

  • Brian Tevis goes the extra mile.
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    “Brian Tevis goes the extra mile. He is very professional and does what he says he'll do. On my trial, he and his partner came to represent my case. Therefore, I had a legal team representing me, and they knew their stuff. Brian was not intimidated by the attitude from the DA's office. During one hearing, I could see the respect on the Judge's face as he listened to Brian speak. That made my confidence in Brian even stronger. Brian came to see me many times while I was incarcerated. If you have ever been incarcerated, you know how much that means. My family lives out-of-state, and Brian was the contact between us. Brian explained every step of the process and sometimes had to re-explain it to me several times. The outcome of my case was nothing short of a miracle. Thank you, Mr. Tevis, for the part you played. I was facing 25 years in prison, but eight months later I am walking on a beach in Florida, kissing my grandbabies, and truly grateful that God brought this law firm into my life.”

    Mrs. Camacaro

  • I would recommend him to anyone needing criminal defense.
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    “Brian Tevis handled a case for me and always kept me up to date and was very trustworthy and when my case was prolonged month after month, he was there and had the answers I needed.And my case got dropped last week thanks to Brian as he was there from start to finish. He is an excellent Attorney. Would recommend him to anyone needing criminal defense Attorney.”


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